Remington Chiropractic Research Review - Back Pain and Spinal Manipulation

The United Kingdom BEAM (back pain, exercise and manipulation) randomized trial of 1334 low back pain patients compared outcomes of 3 treatment groups (spinal manipulation, exercise classes and spinal manipulation followed by exercise classes) to the standard care (advice to stay active and a back care book). While patients in all treatment groups demonstrated improvement over the standard care, spinal manipulation followed by exercise classes was found to be the most effective. British Medical Journal 2004; 329 (Dec 11): 1377

A pilot study of patients with Stage 1 Hypertension by the Department of Preventive Medicine at Rush University, Chicago was the first to demonstrate sustained lowering of blood pressure following spinal manipulation of the first cervical vertebra (atlas).

The improvement in blood pressure was similar to that seen by giving 2 different antihypertensive drugs simultaneously. Furthermore, the reduction persisted at 8 weeks post-treatment. Journal of Human Hypertension 2007. March 2: 1-6

Dr. Pamela Wells is a Chiropractor in Sunnyvale, California.