A Retrospective on Chiropractic Care - 22 Years As A Chiropractor

I once attended a seminar on current research relevant to chiropractic practice. As I was reviewing the volumes of studies, I found myself reflecting back on a book I read when I was just starting Palmer College of Chiropractic. The Chiropractic in New Zealand Report, published in 1979, was significant in that it was the first to comprehensively review the body of research available on the subject of chiropractic care. The authors of the study found overwhelming evidence that chiropractic treatment is effective and safe. And, despite the lack of scientific evidence for how or why chiropractic worked, they went on to recommend that chiropractic be included and reimbursed in New Zealand’s health care system.

I’m happy to report that, 22 years later, there is a large body of research describing the precise mechanisms by which chiropractic works. And while chiropractic today is gaining acceptance as an effective treatment for musculoskeletal pain and injuries, we are also starting to see evidence that chiropractic treatment may influence somato-visceral (musculo-skeletal- organ) connections and may be effective in treating many more conditions than previously considered.

It is an exciting time indeed to be a chiropractor!

Dr. Pamela Wells is a Chiropractor based in Sunnyvale California.