The Remington Chiropractic Fitness Room in Sunnyvale, CA

Remember summers when you were a kid?...playing tag, turning cartwheels, Marco Polo, climbing trees… You were ‘working out” without the “work”! Wouldn’t it be great if exercise could be that much fun again? Maybe it can be (almost)! When I look into our new Fitness Room, with its large red, blue, green and yellow balls, I’m transported right back to kindergarten and feel a sudden urge to go play!

In creating our Fitness Room I strove to keep it simple, fun and inexpensive, as well as something that could be easily duplicated at home. My goals are to provide you with the knowledge and tools you need to get healthy and stay healthy…for life. Through our fitness assessments and individualized exercise programs we can help you to prepare for whatever you want to be able to do.

As for me…I want stronger arms for river paddling, stronger legs for backpacking and better endurance so I can continue to beat my kids in tennis!

What do you want? Get out there and play!

The Exercise Programs:

Traditional exercise equipment helps to target or isolate specific muscles or muscle groups for strengthening. The problem is that you rarely use muscles in isolation at work, in sports or even in every day activities. And contrary to popular belief, the ability to crank out 100 abdominal crunches does little to protect your back from injury during lifting.

We teach primarily functional exercises, which train your muscles to work together as part of a larger functional unit. When you can use your lumbar extensors, your lateral stabilizers and your abdominal muscles in a coordinated manner, you’re far less likely to injure your back.

The Equipment:

Stability Balls are the “back bone” (excuse the pun) of most of our exercise programs. They are great for developing core strength, flexibility, balance and coordination. Additionally, they promote proper posture, can challenge the elderly individual or the competitive athlete, and they are fun!

Unstable surfaces (stability trainers, wobble boards etc.) can be used in the same way as stability balls but in standing postures.

Resistive Bands are generally superior to dumbbell or weight machines for the rehabilitation of injuries because the variable resistance allows for maximal loading of the muscle throughout the entire pain-free range of motion. Additionally, bands can be used alone or with other equipment in functional exercises to improve your ability to perform a specific task, such as to improve your golf swing.

Exercise Mats Provide cushioning for stretching, floor exercises, yoga and Pilates.

All of our equipment is available for purchase. Our equipment is high quality, low tech, inexpensive, and fits in your living room!

Scheduling Your Exercise Training

Before you begin an exercise program, you need to schedule a functional assessment with Dr. Wells to determine your specific limitations (in strength and flexibility) as well as your fitness goals.

Next, schedule a training session with either Dr. Wells or Jill Haff. Exercise will be targeted specifically to address your needs and goals as established in the functional assessment.

Dr. Pamela Wells is a Chiropractor in Sunnyvale, California.