The Gardening Workout

As people are trying to save money, eat healthier, and simplify their lives, millions are turning to gardening. In fact, the number of U.S. households that plan to grow their own fruits, vegetables and herbs is up 19% from last year. While we’re big fans of homegrown tomatoes and zucchini, we want to remind you that we tend to see a lot of “gardening injuries” this time every year. So if you’re preparing to go dig in the dirt, first check out our gardening tips.

  1. Treat gardening like exercise. Start with a light warm-up.
  2. Maintain your “neutral spine” posture. Bend from your hips and knees rather than your back.
  3. Keep your work close to your body.
  4. Take frequent stretching breaks.
  5. Remember to drink plenty of water.

Happy Gardening

Dr. Pamela Wells is a Chiropractor based in Sunnyvale California.