Our Patients' Stories

When Richard L. first came to see us, his back was twisted into a classic “S.” He was definitely feeling some pain, but he wasn’t too concerned. This had been happening once or twice a year for many years, and chiropractic treatment usually fixed it within a few visits. But Richard was concerned about how often these muscle spasms were interfering with his golf game. Richard decided that he would like to really correct the problem this time, so after the pain was relieved and Richard was standing straight again, he started a program of progressive core stabilization exercises.

Now Richard is pleased to no longer be worried about when the muscle spasms might turn his back into an “S” again. When he does have a minor flare-up, he knows to use ice and to do his favorite “miracle” stretch. And best of all, he never once had to give up his golf!

You can schedule your exercise training with Dr. Wells or with Jill Haff.