Walk don't Run

When I was hiking recently, I noticed a number of people running the trails, most of whom probably should have been walking. I saw men and women barely lifting their feet as they struggled uphill, knees buckling inward, bodies shifting side to side. It was painful to watch! You can see the same thing at most gyms any day of the week, people using too much weight and then “cheating” unknowingly by using muscles not intended for that particular machine. Performing exercises beyond your fitness level or without the proper training is ineffective, painful, and likely to cause injury!

If you want to get fit, there’s no rule stating that you have to run! If you enjoy the outdoors, a brisk walk uphill can get your pulse up to a good training rate for most people. Start exercising at a level you can perform well and enjoy. Get some instruction from a personal trainer. Or give us a call. We can help you get started by setting realistic goals and teaching proper form.

Happy trails, Dr. Pamela Wells - Your Chiropractor based in Sunnyvale California.