Subluxation Explained - Or Why Does My Back Hurt?

Subluxation explained:

Or “Why does my back hurt?” In most cases, the notion that you have a “pinched nerve,” or a “bone pressing on a nerve,” is simply not true. Recent studies have helped us to better understand exactly why you have pain.

Your joint tissues (tendons and ligaments) are filled with different types of receptors or “sensors” that are responsible for sending and receiving information via your nerves or “wires” about muscle tone, joint position and injury, to your spinal cord and brain.

When there is an abnormality in structure or function of your vertebrae (Subluxation), sensors in your muscles cause them to tighten in order to protect the injured joint, while sensors in the joint send incorrect information about joint and body position. Other sensors send pain signals to your brain. Pain is good! Pain is like the warning light in your car! But if you ignore the warning light, you not only continue to experience pain, but your body develops abnormal movement patterns and your muscles become stiff and weak.

“Oh, what to do?”  The beauty of the chiropractic adjustment is that it inhibits the pain signals, thus relieving your pain, and it “resets the program” so that your muscles and joints resume sending and receiving correct information. And when you follow your adjustment with exercises (especially those involving balance), you retrain normal movement patterns, improve balance and coordination and regain lost strength and flexibility. Sounds like a winner!

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