Remington Chiropractic Research Review - Women and Strokes

“The scary truth about women and strokes… If you take birth control pills, get salon haircuts or go to the chiropractor, you may be raising your risk.” (Health, March 2008) Yikes! That would be scary… except that it’s not true! Those of us in the profession know that certain chiropractic detractors have been spreading this rumor for years in a misguided attempt to scare people away from receiving chiropractic care. A newly released Canadian study found that there is no increased risk related to chiropractic neck adjustment in triggering a stroke. In the study, researchers observed that patients were no more likely to suffer a stroke following a visit to a doctor of chiropractic than they would after visiting their family doctor.

Although researchers found an increased association between stroke and both chiropractic and medical care, they said the association is likely due to patients with an undiagnosed vertebral artery dissection  seeking care for neck pain and headache before their stroke. (Cassidy JD, et al. Spine. Vol. 33, Feb. 2008) Get the facts. Chiropractic care is safe!

Dr. Pamela Wells is a Chiropractor in Sunnyvale, CA.