Healthy Lifestyle. Healthy Planet.

Most of us struggle to find time in our busy lives to do the things we’re told we should do to live long, healthy lives… eat a healthy breakfast (watch the carbs!), work-out (warm-up, cardio, strength training, stretching), reduce stress, meditate and don’t forget to brush and floss your teeth! We read the news and are reminded how our daily lifestyle choices impact our natural environment but wonder if anything we do will have a meaningful impact. I like to look at the big picture and remind folks that what is healthy for you is healthy for our planet. Getting out of your car and walking for example, improves your cardiovascular fitness and reduces air pollution and energy consumption. When each of us make healthy choices, even small ones, it adds up and makes a difference in our collective health and the health of our dear Mother Earth.

Here’s what I do most days: I pack my lunch box with a healthy lunch including organic fruit or vegetables that I purchased at my local farmer’s market. My husband and I ride our bikes there most Saturday mornings. When the weather is nice, I eat outdoors, then take a walk around the pond at the Sunnyvale Community Center across the street from my office.

By purchasing organic produce at the farmer’s market, I keep toxic chemicals out of my body and support farming practices that keep those same chemicals out of the soil and water. I don’t have to drive to purchase my food and I don’t have packaging that will end up in a dump. I walk briskly, so I get some moderate exercise that keeps my heart healthy and my muscles strong. I enjoy watching the ducks and geese and listening to the sound of the water in the fountains. I practice mindfulness as I walk. I come back to the office feeling refreshed, refocused and energized. I save money on food and a gym membership. Hmm, maybe I’ll spend that on camping or backpacking gear. See how it all fits together?

This Earth Day, think about some healthy changes you could make in your lifestyle and commit to continuing them all year round. Share your ideas. We’re all in this together.